SensDesk Portal – Conditions of Use LEUNIG GmbH

Conditions of Use of the SensDesk Portal constitute contractual terms and conditions for using the services provided by LEUNIG GmbH According to these terms and conditions, the user of the services described below (the “User”) agrees to adhere to the rules – Conditions of Use of the SensDesk Portal (the “Terms and Conditions”) stipulated herein.

Should any User or the services described below violate these Terms and Conditions,  the provider – LEUNIG GmbH – may apply measures described herein. portal

The SensDesk portal service is designed for remote supervision (monitoring) of IP devices and of sensors connected to these devices. Only approved devices supplied by HW group s.r.o. can be connected to the Portal.

  • The Service is available at  The Service is provided by LEUNIG.
  • Access to the Service requires the creation of an user account tied to the User's e-mail address.
  • For the purposes of displaying charts and viewing historical records, data are retained for a period of booked days. Data older than the booked days are deleted. 
  • Measured quantities and states are displayed to the logged-in user through a web browser in a graphical interface.
  • It is possible to set a minimum and a maximum for the measured quantities and states. When a sensor value is outside of the range, or when a device or a sensor is disconnected, the user can be informed as if in case of alarm. The information is displayed on the Web, and an e-mail or a text message (SMS, additional service level needed) can be sent upon activation and deactivation of the alarm state.
  • In order to send text messages, the user needs to book this service. A third party provider might get involved.

Terms of use

An User who wishes to use the Portal must create an user account. A valid e-mail address to which the User has an unrestricted access is necessary to create an user account.

The user account is valid after activation from the provided e-mail address. By performing the activation, the User agrees with the following terms and conditions of using the SensDesk service:

  1. The service is provided at costs which need to be negotiated.
  2. The maximum number of devices needs to be negotiated.
  3. For one e-mail address, only one user account can be created.
  4. Each device can be connected to at most one user account.
  5. The Provider is not responsible for:
    1. unavailability or limited availability of the Service;
    2. delivery or failed delivery of messages;
    3. Transmission or failed transmission of messages;
    4. functional and billing aspects of third-party services
      (e.g. the Internet connection or the text messages sent through the connected devices);
    5. correctness of information passed to the User;
    6. correctness and storage of saved or unsaved data;
    7. damages arising from the use and/or interpretation of provided information and data;
    8. abuse of information and data stored at the Portal;
    9. any disclosure, theft, loss or damage of data linked to an user account;
    10. changes in the Portal functions and graphic interface without notice;
    11. any other effects arising in connection with the use of the SensDesk service.
      Using the SensDesk service shall mean logging in to the SensDesk service system (i.e. entering an username or an e-mail address and a password at the Internet site where the service is accessible, as described above), and/or retrieving and using data and/or sending e-mails using a communication protocol intended for that purpose.
  6. The provider agrees not to disclose information stored in an user account to a third party, with an exception of authorized requests under the laws of the Germany.
  7. The provider agrees not to monitor or modify data stored in an user account, with an exception of system maintenance and operation and authorized requests under the laws of the Germany.
  8. The User agrees that the Provider or the Provider's representative or agent in the User's country may send the User e-mail messages with information concerning the SensDesk service and related messages with information about the Provider's other offers.
  9. The Provider reserves the right to cancel without any compensation any account within the SensDesk service:
    1. if the User does not log in to the account for more than 90 days (free service);
    2. if the account was created but there are no devices connected to it for more than 30 days (free service);
    3. if the account sends unsolicited messages;
    4. if the account is used for illegal activity or activity that violates commonly accepted ethical and moral standards;
    5. whose User attempted to log in as another User without knowledge of this another User, or whose User attempted to disrupt the functionality and data of the SensDesk service;
    6. if the User violates, in connection with the SensDesk service, any contractual terms and conditions, applicable laws or ethical and moral standards;
    7. if the SensDesk service is terminated.
  10. The User may cancel his/her account without compensation at any time.


The SensDesk service is a tool that displays incoming data in a graphical interface. These data are to be used for information purposes only. Data may not be used for monitoring and control of machinery, security and safety systems, or for monitoring the safety and/or health of humans and animals.

The Provider is not responsible for damages suffered by the User as a result fof the User not being timely informed about changes in the above-mentioned services.

The Provider reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and/or the above-mentioned services even without prior notice

Governing law – unless agreed otherwise, any legal relationships arising between the User and the Provider are governed by the laws and regulations of Germany.

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